PowerPC BeOS Quality of Life Refinements

At this time, I haven’t added any, but I hope to perhaps, with time, add…

  • Setting the clock to dates beyond 2010 – For now, try setting it in Mac OS. You’d either need a utility like BBraun’s SetDate, or to have an install of Mac OS 8.6 or later (I think that’s where it was added) and use NTP to set the date and time. This should then carry over to BeOS, although you’ll need a battery to keep it between boots.
  • Recognising G4 processors by name – I’ve seen a patch for the x86 version I think? Perhaps we can add some extra PPCs?
  • Patching maximum RAM – Again, I’ve heard of x86 patches? Is there one for PPC?
  • A copy of OS Chooser that loads after your accelerator’s drivers (already done and referenced elsewhere on the Picking Hardware page under upgrades). I’ll upload a copy here so people don’t have to modify the file themselves.
  • 7zip for PPC – I keep finding BeOS software archived as 7zip files, but I can’t find a copy of 7zip for PPC. This is frustrating. Perhaps it is solvable.