Interface Boxes

The following lists are incomplete – it seems that Deltronics made multiple products with the same headline name and is not always apparent what interface they use (user port / serial / USB).

If you have manuals for any of these devices, please get in touch (if I’m not already hosting or linking to a copy). Especially any protocol / specification or design documentation.


I have seen two faults on devices I’ve purchased – in one case a banana jack had worked loose and someone had twisted it, breaking the connection on the back. This required simple resoldering. The second issue was where the toroidal power supply worked loose while in transport. This required the 8mm nut on the top of the transformer tightening (not too tight!).


Boxes :

  • SmartBox (SB-01)*
  • SmartBox ev (SB-01 ev)*
  • SmartBox (MCU based) (SB-04)*
  • SmartBox Discovery (MCU based) (????)*
  • Economatics Control Station (????)*
  • Economatics Control Station (USB)


General Info :

Boxes :

  • Serial Interface*
  • The Junior Serial Interface*
  • Extra Sense Logger*
  • Serial Adapter*
  • Digital Serial Adapter
  • Control IT Plus (Serial)
  • Control IT (User Port)*
  • Control IT (USB / Plastic)
  • Control IT Extra (USB / Plastic)


Note that some or all Commotion boxes appear to be rebranded Deltronics variants. This is reinforced by the USB vendor id being the same on the CoCo Control Box as on the Deltronics Control IT

Boxes :

Data Harvest – Still Active

Boxes :

  • Contact Controller
  • Contact Controller Plus*

Items marked with a “*” are models that I own.

Software listed on Deltronics Site in 2007

Many of these still exist in some form. Unfortunately none of my boxes have come with any software.

  • Control IT PC – available from Deltronics
  • Coco 2 + 3 available from Commotion
  • Flowol 2 + 3 – Keep IT Easy – available from Deltronics
  • Control Insight + Junior Control Insight – available from Logotron
  • Logicator 5 – available from Economatics
  • Insight + Junior Insight – available from Logotron