Programming a AT28C64 with a TL866ii Plus

Quick note to help other people in a similar situation…

I was trying to burn the ROM form my breadboard Z80 project based on Grant Searle’s design, but was having verification errors when using either Xgpro running in Wine (on Linux) or minipro from the command line. I was trying to burn the ROM to a 64 Mbit AT28C64 (Atmel) chip.


In frustration, I tried selecting an equivalent AMD part, the AMD28C64A, and it worked first time. This is after hours spent trying to get the other settings working, worrying I hadn’t done something right, trying to change the programming speed and worrying that my chips were dead.

Hope this note helps someone else. Not the best first experience with the device. Even more annoying that it works just fine with the AT28C64B.

Here are some of the various errors I was getting :

Verification failed at address 0x0001: File=0xC3, Device=0xFF

ERROR! CODE Address0x000001 Buf_Val:0xC3 IC_Val:0xFF

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  1. After the fact, I’m considering that there is a chance that my ROM chip is a rip-off. Not that I’m complaining as it seems to be an over-specified rip-off given that it can run at higher speeds than the named part.

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