This page is a place holder to contain links to downloads of software I have written. I realised that I wouldn’t be able to version control forum posts.

Resource Miner

Version 0.0.1a4

This allows you to easily apply resource based patches to a file. It works with ResEdit, and Resource Miner files. It copies the entire contents of the source file’s resource fork, but gives Overwrite, Skip, Renumber options. Output is made to a new file without modifying the original. Use with care as this is a very early development version. Bug reports welcome.

This download includes resources from the Mac OS 8.1 System folder that might partially enable HFS+ on late Quadras and PPC (taken from an OS on a P475).

Don’t Fork It Up

Version 0.0.1a

This application is designed to check classic Mac OS files to see if they have a resource fork prior to uploading them. Files uploaded with a resource fork will become corrupted and unusable.