PowerPC BeOS

This page is intended to help people get some fun out of running BeOS on actual real PowerPC hardware. It feels like most of the support on the internet is directed towards x86 installs, with many downloads not even bothering to identify whether they are for PPC or x86 (they’re usually for x86).

A good website to read about BeOS is a mirror of the corporate website, which can be found here :


Picking Hardware for Your PowerPC BeOS Install

PowerPC BeOS can be run on original BeBox hardware, some Apple Macintosh machines (mostly PCI based “Power Macintosh” branded beige machines, fitted with 604 and 604e processors), and some Macintosh Clones.

For more details regarding compatible Macintosh family hardware, including computers, processors and video cards, click here.

Installing BeOS

It is generally recommended that you install BeOS 4.5 or 5.0.3. The easiest way to get up and running is with a pre-made image which can be placed on a SCSI SD card adapter such as the ZuluSCSI or MacSD. Otherwise, installing from a CD is a good option. When obtaining a CD installer disk image, beware that a number online exclude the PowerPC partition. It is best to use a bin / cue style image as they capture all partitions properly. When using bin / cue images, do not re-name the image files or they will not work without additional effort.

This is a Macintosh Garden hosted BeOS 5.0.3 image for your favourite SD Card adapter.

This is a Macintosh Garden hosted CD bin / cue image of the BeOS 5.0.3 Installation media, for writing to a CD.

Basic directions for installing BeOS 5.0.3 on a fully supported Power Macintosh will be available here, once I have written them.

PowerPC BeOS Software



Quality of Life Refinements

Click here for a selection of settings and patches designed to make using BeOS on PowerPC a little more comfortable in the modern age.

Making Your First BeOS Application

A free, limited, version of MetroWerks CodeWarrior called BeIDE was distributed with some versions of BeOS to enable users to get stuck in and extend the software available for the fledgling platform.

I’m no programmer, but I thought I’d make a quick getting started to show how to make a very basic application using these tools.

I’ve not completed the guide yet, but have made a start!

BeOS Resources





Some PPC Software Archives

Software can also be found on sites such as the Macintosh Garden and Archive.org.

Archived Sites on archive.org



PowerBeC Gallery

For some BeOS on PowerPC related photographs, click here.

Future Topics

The following are potential future topics for the page. Please feel free to make suggestions.

Your Contributions

If there is anything you would like to submit to these PowerPC BeOS pages, please get in touch! There is a contact form on the site here. I’m not the best at noticing messages, but I generally do eventually, even if it takes me a little while.