Linking to a Location within Videos and PDFs

Useful fact…

If you’re drawing someone’s attention to a specific page of a online PDF or Youtube video, and it is available online, it is possible to link them directly to the location you want.

For PDFs, where the URL ends in .pdf, add “#page=54” where 54 can be whatever number you need. For example, to link to page 54 of the UDOO x86 firmware manual, you could link as follows :

More commonly known, for Youtube videos, you can indicate the minutes and seconds into the video you want to link to (look mam, I’m in this video, half way through!) by adding “#t=0m59s” or “#t=59s” for 59 seconds into the video. This means, if you want to share goats and chickens with someone, it can be done like this :

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