Radius PrecisionColor NuBus Cards

Radius PrecisionColor NuBus Cards

NOTE! This information is post is currently an in progress draft. The aim here is to ensure that all data is only entered first hand by the author, and not repurposed from the internet. This is because I own a PC Pro 24xk and have seen incorrect information about this card on multiple other websites.

I’m slightly frustrated because I can’t nicely format the table. Because of that, I kind of lost momentum on this post. It looks better in the edit page than it does published!

Data Sources

  • VRAM Quantity – This is taken from photographs of cards, and counting up the VRAM
  • DAC Speed – This is also taken from photographs as the RAMDAC has the speed in MHz on the chip
  • Supported Resolutions – This will be taken from the DECLROMs from ROM dumps and will be the resolutions that are declared to the operating system.
  • ROM Dumps – From my own cards and from cards owned by folks on 68kmla.


I previously read that the 7″ cards were the “Pro” series, but I’m weirdly finding almost all 7″ cards have no “Pro” wording anywhere on the card, including on the ROM label. The weirdest thing is that my PC PRO 24xk… does. At the moment, I have strictly based the table on the ROM label. If it turns out that 12″ cards have different specifications, I’ll update the table. I would very much like to compare the performance of a “Pro” ROM with a standard ROM for the same card and see if there are any differences.

Tabulated Radius PrecisionColor Information

CardROMsVRAMDAC Speed12″ / 7″512×384640×480640×870832×6241024×7681152×870
PC 8100MHz12″
PC 8xj(V2.0 7″ -0077-03-A)1MB110MHz7″
PC 8-24x1MB to 3MB*12″
PC 24x3MB110MHZ7″
PC 24xk(V2.0 7″ U1200-0053-05-A)3MB110MHz7″
PC 24xp1.5MB80MHz**/66MHz7″/12″
PC Pro 24x3MB110MHz7″
PC Pro 24xk(V1.6 7″ -0070-02)3MB80MHz7″
PC Pro 24xp1.5MB66MHz7″
PC Pro 24ac3MB110MHz7″
Mac Disp Card 24ac3MB110MHz7″
Miro Prism 11523MB*110MHz*7″
LeMans GT3MB135MHz*7″

* = TBC

** = I suspect this chip is a higher specification substitution due to a shortage of 66MHz parts. The owner of the card I viewed for this could likely achieve higher resolutions with a custom ROM for this card.

Thanks To…

Special thanks to Bolle, mg.man and MJ313, who provided some of the ROM dumps. Two more are from the page https://www.wafflenet.com/bios.html, I hope they don’t mind (use my contact form to object).

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